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Everything you need to complete your Expedition Route Planning at home is here
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Guidance Notes for completing Route Card Descriptions

1. Type of path (Footpath, Bridleway, Byway, National Trail, Orange road, Yellow road)
2. Direction (N, S, E, W, SE, NW etc.)
3. Distance (300m, 0.5km, 1.2km etc.)
4. Distinguishing features (Through woods, past Rectory Farm, uphill, downhill, across path junction, handrailing river on left etc)
5. To a Point where either you change direction or the path type changes

For example:

a. Footpath SW for 400m past mast to cross paths, then bridleway W for 1.5km downhill to junction with orange road.
b. Byway N 1km past Joe’s farm to junction with road, 200m west on road then bridleway N to Green Woods.
c. Footpath N, curving NE 1.5km to Manor house, then Bridleway E 500m past church to junction with footpath.
When you come onto eDofE Mapping please make sure you label up the 2 boxes exactly as you see it below using your Group No. & Group colour and the Day you are doing. Also use Practice/Assessment where appropriate.

Please make sure you use Capitalisation as it is shown below